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Keller Williams Profit Sharing – A Unique Wealth-Building Opportunity

You’ve read the articles, heard the reports, and seen the numbers – Keller Williams Realty is passionate about the success of its agents. But how do we go that extra mile to show you just how much we value your business as an agent?

Profit Sharing

Associates who attract other agents to the company are rewarded for spreading the news about the great opportunities available at Keller Williams. After all, we believe that agents are partners and stakeholders in the success of our business. Through a distinct profit sharing system created by Keller Williams Realty International, approximately 50 percent of every market center’s profits each month are returned to agents who have helped to grow the company. Today, nearly 25,000 agents are actively participating in the profit share program, with some agents having earned over $1 million in profit share alone.

Growing your profit share tree with Keller Williams can have enormous benefits. Would you like to build a retirement plan that you can rely on and which will continue to grow for years to come? Would you like your mortgage payment to be covered each month simply by the money that is profited back to you from the program? Maybe you would like to go on a free vacation every year for the rest of your life? With the KW profit sharing program, the possibilities are endless.

Profit sharing is just one of the many benefits of being an agent at Keller Williams. To find out more about the unique opportunities available to you, contact our Team Leader today.


Mega Camp – Unleash Your Power

Each year, Keller Williams holds a special week-long event in Austin, Texas where top producers converge for leadership and educational workshops designed to propel agent business. Over the course of the week, attendees learn about the latest and greatest tools in the industry from some of the top minds in real estate. This year, Mega Camp will take place between September 13 and September 16 and focus on “THE BEST,” according to the list below:

  • The BEST Internet site
  • The BEST Craigslist Approach
  • The BEST Social Media Approach
  • The BEST Farming
  • The BEST Open Houses
  • The BEST FSBO/Expireds Approach
  • The BEST Referral Approach
  • The BEST Seminar Approach
  • The BEST Pre-list Package
  • The BEST Leverage
  • The BEST Organization Approach
  • The BEST Approach for Working with Buyers
  • The BEST Short Sales Approach
  • The BEST Wealth Building Through Profit Share
  • Mega Camp is just another educational resource for Keller Williams agents.  To learn more about this and the many other training opportunities Keller Williams provides its agents, please e-mail us!

    Gary Interviews the Best at Mega Camp 2010

    Join us this September for Mega Agent Camp 2010!

    Source: Keller Williams Realty International

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