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This Month in Real Estate Video – January 2011

January’s “This Month in Real Estate” video has been released. This edition focuses on a recent NAR report revealing buyer affordability being at an all-time high. According to the report, home payments are taking just 13.6 percent of the median family income. This number is down from 20 percent in 2007. Access the video by clicking the “Play” button below.

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Rent Vs. Own Rate to Flip in 2011?

Experts predict the ratio of renters to homeowners in major U.S. cities will take a major turn during 2011, putting the two categories on more equal footing.

As a result of a somewhat dismal housing market in recent years, rentals across major U.S. cities have surged while the number of homeowners have dwindled. However, with home prices expected to fall by anywhere from 15 to 30 percent this year, experts predict buying will become superior to renting sometime in 2011.

This, coupled with expectations of rising rental rates this year, could spell a positive 2011 for the hosuing market.

A complete list of price to rent ratios in major U.S. cities can be found by clicking the “Full Article” link below. For more information on the differences between renting and buying a home, contact us today!

Source: CNN Money | Full Article

10 Advantages to Buying a Home

A recent article published on Brett Arends’ Wall Street Journal blog attempts to reverse the theory that home ownership is a bad idea in today’s housing market. A recent Time cover featured an article on “rethinking homeownership” and why “owning a home may no longer make economic sense.” In rebuttal, Arends has 10 reasons why buying a home makes perfect sense. Included here are the first three. Click the full article link below for 4-10 and a complete explanation of each advantage.

  1. You can get a good deal.
  2. Mortgages are cheap.
  3. You’ll save on taxes.

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Source: Wall Street Journal | Full Article

NAR Report Reveals Multiple Benefits of Homeownership


Owning a Home Can Have Many Benefits

According to a recent National Association of REALTORS® report, homeowners are more active in their communities, benefit from improved education opportunities, and report higher levels of self-esteem and happiness when compared to renters.  Overall, owning a home results in a higher level of satisfaction and happiness over renting property.

In addition, because homeowners relocate less frequently than renters, the areas in which they live become more stable, solidifying neighborhoods into cohesive communities.

For more information on the report, please click the “Full Article” link below.

Source: National Association of REALTORS® | Full Article

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