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Homeward Bound: Saturday, April 16 at 9am

This Saturday, April 16, agents from our office will be participating in the Homeward Bound Walk in an effort to provide housing and fight homelessness in Indiana.

Registration will begin Saturday morning at 9am, with the walk following at 10am. Participants will be meeting at Riehle Plaza. A map of the starting location can be found below.

The walk will benefit many agencies in greater Lafayette, including Family Promise, Habitat for Humanity, Homestead Consulting Services, Lafayette Transitional Housing, Mental Health America, Rainbow Haven Transitional Housing, Salvation Army, and the YWCA.

We hope to see everyone this Saturday morning!


The Foreclosure Quiz

With all of the recent changes concerning foreclosure homes, it may be difficult to understand how bank-owned properties are handled.  The authors at CNN Money have put together a short quiz that will test your knowledge on foreclosures, helping you to put your foreclosure IQ in perspective. Click here to access the quiz and determine where you stand.

For further information on foreclosure homes, please contact us!

Source: CNN Money | Full Article

National Foreclosure Rate Map

A CNN Real Estate report reveals Indiana’s foreclosure rate to be 9.22. The number is relatively high when compared to the rest of the nation, but is about average for the Midwest. The country’s highest foreclosure rate can be found in Florida at 20.61.

Click the link below for the full map and for additional information (Note: You will have to click on “Foreclosures” at the top of the map to access the foreclosure information as “Unemployment” is selected by default).

Source: CNN Real Estate | Full Article

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