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Tips For Making Your Home Saleable

For any homeowner, the idea of putting a house up on the market may seem daunting. What are the steps that should be taken in order to ensure the best possible outcome for showings and an eventual sale?

Thankfully, the folks at REALTOR.com have provided a couple of tips that can easily be followed to prep your home for sale. Additionally, they have offered some advice on what you can do to increase the quality of showings scheduled once your home is up on the market. Tips include:

  • Keep counter tops cleared
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Open all drapes and window blinds
  • Put pets in cages or take them to a neighbor
  • No dirty dishes in the sink

For the full list of tips, please see the link below, and for more information on selling your home, contact us today!

Source: REALTOR.com | Full Article



Tips to Revitalize Your Yard For Spring

Are you trying to reverse the damages caused by the harsh winter weather in your yard? If so, a recent articled posted at CNN Money may provide some useful tips for you to get your yard ready for spring! Please read below for the first tip, then check out the rest of the article by clicking here.

Brown patches

The cause: Rock salt used to melt ice from roads, driveways, and pathways has gotten onto nearby grass or the bottom of shrubs and trees, often sprayed there by passing cars.

The fix: Even if you’ve already had plenty of rain, give affected areas several good soakings with a hose: The soil needs extra water to dilute the salt. If the brown parts haven’t greened up by summer, cut them off.

“Typically the entire plant won’t have to go unless it is completely brown,” says David Dailey, president of Birchcrest Tree and Landscape in Rochester, N.Y.

The plant is done for? Replace it with a salt-tolerant species; ask a local nursery for recommendations. If grass doesn’t survive, scrape away the dead patches and reseed.

The cost: Nothing unless you replace the plant. Young specimens don’t cost much. A five-pound bag of grass seed — enough for spot coverage — runs about $15.

For more tips on staging, landscaping, and more, contact us today!

Source: CNN Money | Full Article

This Month in Real Estate Video – February 2011

February’s “This Month in Real Estate” video has been released. The February edition discusses a NAR report detailing that 89% of all home buyers begin their search on the Internet. As such, those who are interested in selling their home should place a great emphasis on how their home is marketed online.

The video also includes tips for selling your home during the winter months. Sellers should price their homes correctly, stage well, and look to benefit from the many aforementioned buyers who begin their search on the Internet. Access the video by clicking the “Play” button below.

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Dining Room Home Staging Tips

Although often overlooked, the dining room is an essential living space that can have a great appeal to prospective buyers. As such, sellers will want to stage their dining room in a manner that is warm and welcoming without being too over the top.

Thankfully, the Home Staging Channel has again stepped in to provide us with some inexpensive tips to spruce up the dining room. Click the “Play” button below to learn which approaches will work to turn your meal space into something special.

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Living Room Home Staging Tips

When prospective buyers enter your home, the living room is one of the first features they will see. For that reason, you will want to show a living room that is pleasing to the eye and attractive to potential buyers.  Here are some tips for staging this prominent room via the Home Staging Channel.

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