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This Month in Real Estate Video – June 2012

June’s “This Month in Real Estate” video has been released. This edition’s top story concerns the most common repairs homeowners make before putting a house on the market. For the full story and more, click the “Play” button below.

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Winter Months Offer a Great Time To Buy or Sell

Although it is not the busiest time of year for the real estate market, winter can be a great time to buy or sell a home. This is due in large part to the market shrinking during the cold, snowy months.

With fewer buyers and sellers actively seeking to move real estate, winter offers a much less competitive landscape, resulting in more flexible sellers and better deals available for buyers.

The obstacles associated with winter, including a decreased curb appeal, slippery sidewalks, and an overabundance of snow are still present; however, when buyers make their way out to a showing in spite of these obstacles, you can be sure they are serious about purchasing a home.

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Source: REALTOR® Magazine | Full Article

A Lesson in Home Improvement

There are many factors which can add to a home’s value: a great location, an updated kitchen, new bathroom countertops, and much more.  However, some homeowners remain puzzled concerning which updates they should make that will result in the best value upgrade for their home.

A recent article posted on Yahoo! Finance tackles this issue in an attempt to inform buyers of the upgrades which do not add value to a home.  Some of the upgrades discussed include swimming pools, extensive landscaping, and wall-to-wall carpeting.

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

Fall Homesale Tips

With the summer season winding down, here are some tips for selling your home as the leaves begin to change and autumn takes effect.

#1: Focus on curb appeal. Selling a home during the fall certainly comes with one advantage: The season’s beautiful foliage can automatically make your home more attractive for showings. However, you still need to do your part to keep your home looking its best. Start by sprucing up your lawn: Keep falling leaves at bay with frequent raking and patch up any brown spots in the grass.

#2: Appeal to the senses. As the weather cools down, make your home a warm, welcoming space where buyers will want to stick around. If you encourage them to stay awhile during showings, you give them more time to admire your home’s best features.

#3: Flaunt your fireplace. A warm, inviting fireplace is a great selling point as the weather gets cooler. Highlight this fall-friendly feature by arranging your furniture to make your fireplace a focal point. Place a mirror, artwork, vases or other tasteful decor on top of the mantel to make it even more prominent.

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Source: HGTV’s Frontdoor | Full Article

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