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Tips For Making Your Home Saleable

For any homeowner, the idea of putting a house up on the market may seem daunting. What are the steps that should be taken in order to ensure the best possible outcome for showings and an eventual sale?

Thankfully, the folks at REALTOR.com have provided a couple of tips that can easily be followed to prep your home for sale. Additionally, they have offered some advice on what you can do to increase the quality of showings scheduled once your home is up on the market. Tips include:

  • Keep counter tops cleared
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Open all drapes and window blinds
  • Put pets in cages or take them to a neighbor
  • No dirty dishes in the sink

For the full list of tips, please see the link below, and for more information on selling your home, contact us today!

Source: REALTOR.com | Full Article



May’s This Month in Real Estate Report

May 2012

May’s “This Month in Real Estate” report can be accessed by clicking here. Check back over the next few days for June’s “This Month in Real Estate” video, which will feature the latest real estate news and updates directly from KWRI.

Here is a snippet of the report:

The housing market and the overall economy are improving at modest rates nationally, and in some areas they have actually gained momentum. The Conference Board’s CEO confidence index is up a notable 14 points—from 49 last quarter to a current reading of 63. A reading of 50 is the threshold above which indicates an optimistic outlook and below indicates pessimism. Rapidly growing optimism is a good sign for future hiring and growth.

As always, for all of your real estate needs, contact us today!

This Month in Real Estate Video – June 2011

June’s “This Month in Real Estate” video has been released. This edition”s top story concerns the most common repairs made to a home prior to its sale. Several market statistics for the year thus far are also included, revealing that the median sales price for homes nationally is $164,000 with mortgage rates continuing to decline. For the full story and more, click the “Play” button below.

For more information on the real estate market or to speak to one of our agents about buying or selling a home, contact us today!

Buyers Likely to Encounter Bargain Home Pricing This Spring

Decreased pricing on housing, coupled with interest rates which are still averaging below 5 percent, may lure buyers off of the fence during the spring season.

Both existing and new construction homes are seeing drastic cuts in pricing as sellers attempt to stay competitive.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS®, offered a simple explanation for the bargain prices. 

“After three years of the housing downturn, people are becoming much more realistic in terms of valuing their homes,” he said.

With the weather improving, now is a great time to buy or sell a home! Contact us today for more information.

Source: The Wall Street Journal | Full Article

Five Things to do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Thinking about selling your home? Here are five actions you can take now to help prepare your home for the market, courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS® website.

1. Have a pre-sale home inspection. Be proactive by arranging for a pre-sale home inspection. An inspector will be able to give you a good indication of the trouble areas that will stand out to potential buyers, and you’ll be able to make repairs before open houses begin.

2. Organize and clean. Pare down clutter and pack up your least-used items, such as large blenders and other kitchen tools, out-of-season clothes, toys, and exercise equipment. Store items off-site or in boxes neatly arranged in the garage or basement. Clean the windows, carpets, walls, lighting fixtures, and baseboards to make the house shine.

3. Get replacement estimates. Do you have big-ticket items that are worn our or will need to be replaced soon, such as your roof or carpeting? Get estimates on how much it would cost to replace them, even if you don’t plan to do it yourself. The figures will help buyers determine if they can afford the home, and will be handy when negotiations begin.

4. Find your warranties. Gather up the warranties, guarantees, and user manuals for the furnace, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and any other items that will remain with the house.

5. Spruce up the curb appeal. Pretend you’re a buyer and stand outside of your home. As you approach the front door, what is your impression of the property? Do the lawn and bushes look neatly manicured? Is the address clearly visible? Are pretty flowers or plants framing the entrance? Is the walkway free from cracks and impediments?

If you are ready to list, contact a Keller Williams associate today! Our agents are armed with the knowledge and skill sets you need to sell your home quickly and effectively.

Source: NAR | Full Article

Rent Vs. Own Rate to Flip in 2011?

Experts predict the ratio of renters to homeowners in major U.S. cities will take a major turn during 2011, putting the two categories on more equal footing.

As a result of a somewhat dismal housing market in recent years, rentals across major U.S. cities have surged while the number of homeowners have dwindled. However, with home prices expected to fall by anywhere from 15 to 30 percent this year, experts predict buying will become superior to renting sometime in 2011.

This, coupled with expectations of rising rental rates this year, could spell a positive 2011 for the hosuing market.

A complete list of price to rent ratios in major U.S. cities can be found by clicking the “Full Article” link below. For more information on the differences between renting and buying a home, contact us today!

Source: CNN Money | Full Article

Why Winter May Not Necessarily Spell Doom and Gloom for Sellers

Many sellers and real estate professionals alike dread the coming of the fall and winter months, as it is often associated with a market slowdown and an increased difficulty selling homes.

However, a recent article published in Realty Times suggests that these months could actually be beneficial to sellers, as there tends to be a higher percentage of serious buyers during winter than in the spring and summer seasons.

The article also notes several design and decor tips to help keep your home in excellent showing condition in the winter months without detracting too much from your holiday spirit.

Please click the link below for the full article. For more information on buying or selling a home, please contact us!

Source: Realty Times | Full Article

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